Квест Мью в Pokemon GO, как поймать Mew

Квест Мью в Pokemon GO - "A Mythical Discovery"

A Mythical Discover ("Мифическое открытие") - это цепочка специальных квестов, которые приводят к обнаружению и поимке Мью в Pokemon GO. Квест состоит из восьми этапов с несколькими встречами с профессором Уиллоу по пути. На этой странице перечислены все цели и награды для "Мифического открытия" и ответ на самый важный вопрос во вселенной: как поймать Мью в Pokemon GO.

Внимание, спойлеры. Вас предупредили:)

Первый этап квеста с Мью

Trainer, how are you? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You’ve become quite the Trainer! I wanted to ask for your help. As you know, I study Pokémon and their habitats. I’ve learned a lot over the years, but recently, I’ve found some hints of something mysterious. I was wondering if you would help me investigate what’s going on. You will? That’s great! First things first, let’s calibrate my instruments to your area. Could you please complete the following research tasks?


Прокрутить 5 Покестопов 500 XP
Поймать 10 Покемонов 500 XP
Передать 5 Покемонов профессору (transfer) 500 XP


Great Ball x10
Инкубатор x1
Lure модуль x3

Второй этап квеста с Мью

Great. Thanks, Trainer! Now I should be able to detect anything out of the ordinary. I believe we need to be on the lookout for a Mythical Pokémon! Mythical Pokémon are extremely rare and unique, and many consider their existence to be mere rumor. Could you help get my equipment set up around your local habitat? This’ll be a great time to take your buddy out to explore a bit and hatch some Eggs!


Заработайте 2 бадди конфеты 1000 XP
Совершите 10 Great бросков 1000 XP
Вылупите 3 яйца 1000 XP


Пыль 2000
Приманка x3
Great Ball x20

Третий этап квеста с Мью

Incredible! This confirms my initial suspicion. I think we’re seeing evidence of Mew! A Pokémon found in a jungle far to the south that was thought to have been extinct. It is so rare that many experts say that it is a myth. Only a few people have seen it worldwide. Apparently, it appears only to those people who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to see it. My colleagues in Kanto, including my instructor, Professor Oak, spent a long time studying Mew. It looks like our findings match theirs! According to our research, Mew was said to be observed using moves of all kinds. This observation has led some of us to say that Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon! Perhaps by studying Pokémon in battle, we’ll learn more!


Получите 15 уровень 1500 XP
Поучаствуйте в 2 сражениях в гимах 1500 XP
Поучаствуйте в 2 сражениях в рейдах 1500 XP


Charge TM x1
Quick TM x1
Star Piece x2

Четвертый этап квеста с Мью

Great work, Trainer! This will help point us in the right direction. Did you know Mew is said to hold the genetic codes of all Pokémon? Mew’s secrets could be a link to understanding the mystery of Pokémon growth and Evolution! Let’s study some Pokémon Evolution to learn more about Mew!


Заработайте серебряную медаль Kanto 2000 XP
Эволюционируйте 20 покемонов 2000 XP
Заработайте 5 бадди конфет 2000 XP


Пыль 4000
Lure модуль x3
Great Ball x20

Пятый этап квеста с Мью

Amazing. Just amazing! Isn’t Evolution wondrous? I learn something new every time I see it! With the data we’ve collected so far, I should be able to pinpoint Mew’s location! It looks like…

Yes, it looks like Mew has visited your area recently! Hmm… Interesting. If that’s the case, someone should have reported a sighting… Maybe Mew is hiding or disguised as another Pokémon? Let’s study some other Pokémon that use these tricks and the best ways to catch them!


Поймать Дитто 2500 XP
Совершить 20 Great бросков 2500 XP
Поймать 10 призрачных покемонов 2500 XP


Premium Raid Pass x1
Lucky Egg x1
Revive x15

Шестой этап квеста с Мью

Thank you, Trainer! With your help, I’ve determined that Mew is invisible! Let’s collect some data to build a tool to find it. I have an idea… I’ll need you to study some powerful Pokémon up close to help me out!


Получить 25 уровень 3000 XP
Поучаствовать в 10 рейдах 3000 XP
Эволюционировать Мэджикарпа 3000 XP


Пыль 6000
Rare Candy x5
Приманка x3

Седьмой этап квеста с Мью

Nice! My prototype is functioning well. I’ve upgraded your AR camera with the new ability to see invisible Pokémon! The final step is to lure out Mew. Mew is said only to appear to those who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to meet it… Let’s show Mew what a great Trainer you are and how excited we are to see it!


Поймать 50 покемонов, используя ягоду 3500 XP
Совершить 1 крученый Excellent бросок 3500 XP
Заработать золотую медальКанто 3500 XP


Пыль 8000
Ultra Ball x20
Встреча с мифическим покемоном x1

Восьмой этап квеста с Мью

We found Mew! Awesome! This is an experience to remember forever. Now you can see why I love studying Pokémon so much! The whole world is out there to discover. So go have some fun! My assistants and I will request some Special Research from you in the future. Stay in touch!


Поимка Mew 4000 XP


Пыль 10000
Супер Инкубатр x1
Конфеты Mew x20

Надеюсь, что вы смогли поймать Мью и теперь ваш покедекс полон:)

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